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Hawk Painting specializes in putting our customer’s experience first. Coupled with our proven processes for delivering excellent results, we make sure your vision and goals are met. We listen, we analyze and we execute a well-orchestrated game plan tailored to overcome any challenges your project may detail.

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Extraordinary exterior

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Color defines space and adds character; it draws your eyes to playful details and wraps itself around textures. Whether it’s a flashy curb appeal or an inviting warm tone on your front door, we love to turn houses into homes and showcase your tastes.

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Amazing Wow Factor

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The perfect splash of color nestled in subtle shades of gray or snowy white may fill you with a sense of joyful, welcoming comfort. Whether you are looking to downplay your vibe with muted tones or go full razzamatazz in glittery magenta, we stand ready to embrace your whims and fulfill your desires.

Our projects feature:

Brand new look & styles

Cabinet Finishing

Give your kitchen a brand new look by upgrading your cabinets. We have a wide selection of colors and styles to choose from, and are more than happy to give you our advice and recommendations for your particular cabinets. Contact the pros at Hawk Painting to get started.

How Much Does It COst to Paint?

Pricing Factors

Various factors can affect pricing across our exterior, interior, and cabinet painting services. To see more details about these factors, click the “learn more” buttons below.
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Exterior Painting

See what factors can affect pricing for painting your home’s exterior.

What is the Current Condition of the Home?

Painting an exterior home begins by evaluating all surfaces to make sure they are free from defects, such as wood rot, cracking, or blistering of existing paint. We warranty each project! And to do so all surfaces must be clean, dry, and structurally sound before painting. The amount of time needed to meet these requirements is the biggest cost factor of a project. The life of your paint is determined entirely by the quality of surface preparation.

What Hazards or Limitations Must Be Overcome?

Some hazards are overhead power lines or higher elevations, such as tall peaks. And limitations are accessibility factors such as landscaping that prevent safe placement of ladders. If specialty equipment or additional labor to ensure safety is required these costs are included in the project cost.


Depending on the condition of your home it may be necessary to prime before painting. Almost all projects will require some caulking and covering areas that are not being painted. We warranty each project and use the specific coating best suited for the surface. We strive to use the best paints from Sherwin-Williams which typically cost $50-90 per gallon. In general, materials account for 14-20% of your project’s cost.
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Interior Painting

See what factors can affect pricing for painting the inside of your home.

Occupied or Unoccupied – That is the Question!

An unoccupied home or space allows for easier access, storage of materials and tools, and a potentially longer workday since we can work past dinner time! An unoccupied space may also allow for a spray application vs a brush and roll application.

Time of the Year and Schedule

We offer our best rates from November through February as cold and rainy weather limits painting outside. The timing of your project, such as short deadlines or non-flexible scheduling can affect cost. We recommend scheduling a quote 4-6 weeks before you would like to start your project.

Colors, Heights, Moldings

Drastic color changes, such as dark and vibrant colors often require a primer coat which can add as much as 25% of the cost of a project. As a rule, for each additional color in a space, factor $200 added cost and $250 for accent walls. Walls over 9 feet to 12 feet increase the cost by a small margin whereas walls over 12 feet and up to 16 feet can add 15-20% to the project cost. If your walls include crown molding or decorative panels, this can add a few hours to any project as we prefer to tape and cover decorative pieces to ensure crisp straight lines.
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Cabinet Painting

See what factors can affect pricing for getting your cabinets painted.

Occupied vs Unoccupied and Time of Year

Like Interior Painting – the cost to paint cabinets can be substantially affected by the demand for services and if your kitchen will be unoccupied during work. Setting up the workspace and breaking it down daily can easily double the cost vs if you can go without your kitchen for a week.

Are They Currently Painted?

Most cabinets we paint have a dated stained and lacquered look. Our prep process for painting cabinets that are stained includes cleaning, degreasing, sanding, and caulking the front panel of most cabinet doors and drawers. Depending on the color, we may apply 2 to 3 coats of primer before we finish painting.

Specialty Finishes – Colors – Materials

Glazing, inking, pinstriping, and faux effects on cabinets typically double the cost vs a solid color finish. It is popular now to paint your lower cabinets a darker color and the uppers a brighter color or having an island an accent color. Adding an additional color can cost $300 to $500 per color and location. Material costs for cabinet coatings have increased by 24% from 2020 to 2022. We use the best quality products available for your budget.